My way

Music connects everything.

This feeling has been with me since early childhood. Yet, it has taken me over two decades to finally start following my deepest passion and open my own recording studio.

As a child, I was a dreamer and a visionary with a deep connection to the different sounds of nature.

As a teen, sometimes a rebel trying to defy the tight structures around me, and again and again looking to the art of music for strength and support.

As an adult and trained engineer, I sought inspiration in the art scene of different German cities, altering between big city and country life.

Today in my mid-30s, I am living my dream and am following my true talent and inner fulfillment.

Having completed my studies in sound design, I am now working as a sound engineer with all kinds of people - always looking for the perfect sound, the right mix and great mutual conversations.

I collaborate with a diverse group of people, customers, musicians and characters. People who have the same understanding: that music is what connects everything!

Fabian Günther

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